Putting people at the center of technology



In hospitals, especially in the operating room, smooth and rapid workflow are of life saving importance. Automated devices and digital systems are becoming more prevalent in order to promote patient safety, improve user comfort and streamline workflows. The results of our commitment and endeavors are obvious in our superior technologically integrated solutions that empowers healthcare organizations to lower their costs– and enhance the quality of their health care services.



Our commitment to quality and development

We collaborate with customers to deliver deeper visibility, transparency and support for the better strategic development. Our products and advanced technologies not only bring opportunities and inventions, but also bring power to your fingertips. We empower you to move forward, eliminate the hurdles and benchmark your procedures according to the latest industry trends.

So, whether you are looking for an integrated solution or a stand alone product, we will design a customized and flexible option for your medical business that make more sense and provide optimum support in your daily work.

We offer products and systems in the fields of:

  • X-ray equipments for mobile and stationary systems for hospitals, emergency, field hospitals
  • Health control and self-diagnosis products: blood pressure monitor, glucose monitors, thermometer, scale, activity trackers

Our partners to provide innovative medical products to you: