Technology-based telecommunication solutions for service providers and companies


With the rise of smartphones and mobile devices, today customers want more robust connection with larger amount of mobile transfered data and services from everywhere. Mobile devices and related broadband connectivity continue to be more and more embedded in the fabric of society today and they are key in driving the momentum around some key trends such as video streaming, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile payments.

As the number of embedded devices that require mobile connectivity grows, telecommunications companies will be looking for opportunities to increase revenue through their core businesses such as network connectivity, sale of network equipment and devices, all of which this emerging ecosystem will require, as well as through new products and services that are enabled by these core businesses (Deloite – Telecommunication Outlook)

KEDAK solutions provide an expandable product and services that allow you to optimize your systems, achieve maximum cost efficiency, provide excellent communication service and deliver the best possible business performance.  By taking the advantage of our telecommunication solutions we can help redefine your services, processes and business procedure.

Our core competences:

  • Design and integration of calibration system for radio frequency measurement systems
  • Integration of direction finding and localization system in HF/UHF frequency range
  • Design and integration of EMC measurement labs
  • Research and development of radio frequency applications based on UWB and MIMO

Striving to provide your company best in class products and services, we choose innovative products from:


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